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You know the evolving creative design and marketing trends will witness innovative trends in 2021. Transformational Ideas employed by the top creative agencies either move from side-line to mainstream, some wipe out the old ones bringing up trends of today and the future and some will also be a continuation of what has been successful in 2020. To stay agile and adaptable to a shifting environment, branding companies, as well as brands, must remain vigilant, while staying as true to their overall principles and message as possible. If you need to rethink your brand intent and strategy to stay in line with the shifting customer mentality, it would now be a good time to assess.

Customer Choices to take into Account

Customer choices are evolving and advancing with time. For a brand or business, the customer must be regarded and taken into account in the most important light. Centre them in your brand and you are going get a loyal customer not only for 2021, but for years and times to come. Consumer behaviour is of course disrupted in the arena of prevailing pandemic. Back to the old trends and old normal completely, looks like not happening even if all these are done.

Go the Extra Mile!

You are witnessing high competition in the creative and digital environment. In this Post Digital Era. Appreciably, advertising agencies and branding companies are well aware of the changing creative design trends in a smarter way. Yes! Go the extra mile, it is never crowded. What we say and do has to stand out from the crowd, match the voice of the brand, be sensitive and push ROI. Efforts are expected to boost diversity and inclusion.

Technology Taking Up the Show to the Next Level

A positive shift in the way brands adopt technology to help and inspire marketing teams will be the biggest change for 2021. Trailblazing advertising agencies have already laid the foundations for demonstrating the commercial advantages of using AI-Powered Copywriting to produce sensitive messages on a scale, producing more sales and a higher degree of control. Progress with change and adoption will prove bold and happening in 2021.

Personalization - Demand of the Time

We’ll be witnessing a lot more personalization in 2021. A large number of individuals are working remotely now and there are ways opened to keep the conversation happening. Personalized marketing will be significant to replace that face-to-face value that many businesses have now lost. “Video communications” will have a more controlling hand in the coming time. Pandemic has been a test of brand-loyalty for creative agencies and this year shows up as a time to attract and maybe, retain customers.

Brand Storytelling Wins the Client Choices / (Brand Storytelling Creating a Mark)

A harmonious partnership experience with the audience is proved and expected to be fulfilled by employing appropriate empathy filters. Genuine connections with your clients accelerate 7 times better results and can be achieved when your brand storytelling efforts are convincing. This way trust is built and actions will be taken in favour of your brand. We hope brands invest more in growing their internal and external brand storytelling team efforts in 2021.

Digital, design and creative transformation continue and all we have to be ready for is to get familiar with diverse audience choices. 2020 had been a year of unexpected transformations and adaptions in every business scenario and 2021 looks like a stage to maintain or heighten our commitment.

Backstage Creative hub is all set to transform, innovate and improve in our creative and work aspects with the advancement of changing times. 2021 is expected to be a year of personalized and more customised creative trends. Our team is already equipped with partnering customer choices and assure or clients the best creative experience.