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While growing up, have you ever wondered why the people appearing in advertisements are always skinny, fair, and tall?

Why isn't there a plus-size woman/man?

Why isn't there a short model?

Why they are not represented in advertisement campaigns?

There comes the importance of inclusive marketing.

Inclusive marketing describes campaigns that uphold diversity by including people from different backgrounds or stories that unique audiences can relate to themselves. Inclusive campaigns try to break stereotypes and aim to reflect or portray people in the real world. Inclusive marketing helps the marginalized or underrepresented groups to experience and connect with brands.

It is thus basically an attempt to break the stereotypes that society has taught us in the past.

Today, branding agencies consider inclusive marketing as one of the main strategies while preparing a campaign. Inclusive marketing helps brands to expand their reach and find new customers.

Many, within the audience, have something unique about them that makes them different; it can be race, culture, gender, sexuality, language, or physical abilities.

Appreciably, branding agencies and advertising agencies have changed their policies to represent the underrepresented groups.

As one of the best advertising agencies in Kerala, Backstage Creative Hub provides you with the best strategies for inclusive branding. Being a brand advertising company, Backstage Creative Hub strives to ensure inclusivity to all members of its audience irrespective of their socio-cultural backgrounds. We are committed to celebrating the diversity of humanity.