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Social Media is one platform that has evolved the most in the last decade or so. We have been championing social media since 2006 when the key players were Orkut, MySpace, ICQ et al. Don't sweat if you don’t remember any of these names. As we said, things have evolved. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn are just some of the names that are ruling the roost and every single platform has different rules of engagement.

The power of engagement no longer remains with brands but with content creators, self proclaimed ‘influencers’ both macro and micro and they co-exist with trolls & bullies within the same space. Things become even more messier when you realize that the audience no longer differentiates between great content & silly content when it comes to engagement & entertainment. You see what we are talking about.

In such a scenario, your brand & business needs a TRUSTED partner. Someone who has the experience of building content studios & social strategies for some of the most loved & passionate brands across the globe. We live & breathe SOCIAL. How can we help you?

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