Backstage Logo


As the name of a person stands as the introductory trait of their identity, the logo associated with a brand will serve as its primary sign of recognition. A properly constructed logo can deliver right impression and genuine communication with the customers. That’s why prominent brands across the globe are investing on brand agencies to develop an ideal logo.

The sphere of logo designing had witnessed rise of several trends in recent times. The introduction of motion logos is important among them. The application of motion design in to the static logos with the help of animations and illustrations to make it look dynamic and moving is known as motion logos.

In comparison with the conventional static logos which are steady and fixed, motion logos have numerous merits.

  • A
    Engaging the customers :

    The active and moving structure of motions logos will make it livelier and engage the customers more with the brand and its services.

  • B
    Creating Brand awareness :

    A balanced motion logo which is developed as the result of professional logo designing can deliver brand awareness of the highest order to the customers.

    The graphics and animations associated with the logos will highlight the brand and make it unique from others.

  • C
    Conveying Emotions and Beliefs :

    Motion logos can carry emotions,beliefs and ideas with it.

    A kathakali (a traditional art form in Kerala, India) based motion logo made by a logo designing company in Calicut at Kerala, can carry the tradition and emotion of the artform to the world.

  • D
    Make the Brand look up-to-date :

    Motion logos will make the brands look innovative, up-to-date and adaptive. This will help the branding agencies to make their clients look modern and novel.

    Motion logos are used in digital media platforms like Social media, Brand websites and in Business presentations and Promotional videos.